About Us

Volta Motion is a novel, web-based registration proposed for dance events. We offer online payment and a reporting service for all dance competitions.

Furthermore, we provide a user-friendly and simple interfaceEntry form of assorted complexities. Our flexible reporting system allows us to customize your order to your liking. For competition hosts and organizers our services are absolutely free. Our preeminent concerns are your comfort and time-efficiency.

For more information please contact us at sales@voltamotion.com.

Our Advantages

Flexible Customization

We offer flexible customization of competition entry forms. This applies to a vast selection of dance styles. Our application is capable of supporting a registration process of various complexities and types.

Free service and support

For all competition organizers, our services are free. These include initial setup, maintenance, as well as life time support.

Reporting Services

Our reporting systems are extensively beneficial to competition hosts and organizers. Our goal is to increase efficiency of data analysis and reduce excessive paperwork.

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